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Blog Archive for October 2020

We are in the final stretch of the October and hoping you are hanging in there, and can enjoy a safe and scare-free Halloween.  Our next SNAP Coalition meeting is tomorrow, October 27th from 10 to 11:30 AM. We have lots to share with you today. 

SNAP Coalition Draft AGENDA (Tues, Oct 27th)

·         Federal updates from FRAC, and brief Coalition discussion of the SNAP Coalition’s “transition” priorities, 

MLRI Revised H2 Budget Analysis


We have some exciting news on the SNAP Gap Campaign front. 90 members of the MA Legislature sent a letter to Governor Baker urging him to close the SNAP Gap with financing authorized by the recent IT Bond Bill.  We are following up with a sign on letter from MA Orgs, currently 50 orgs and counting! 

MA Legislature letter to Governor Baker:

To: SNAP Coalition

Fr: Vicky Negus and Pat Baker 

We are sending on Friday materials and P-EBT updates below as well as flagging an erroneous tax intercept notice that went out to SNAP households.  Please continue to let us know what you are seeing and what issues/questions you have! We hope you have a good weekend. 

P-EBT updates and messaging 

We are writing to share very good news about a lawsuit settlement!
Since 2016 MLRI has been raising with DTA concerns about the termination notice that DTA sent to ABAWDs who lost SNAP due to the time limit (ABAWDs are the childless non-disabled adults subject to a punitive 3 month time limit/work rules). In July 2019 MLRI filed a lawsuit - Wright v. DTA - challenging DTA's policy of terminating ABAWDs' SNAP benefits at the end of the 3 months without sending a notice of termination 10 days in advance of the termination.
TO: SNAP Coalition Members
FR:  Pat Baker
Just a reminder of the Health Care for All Health Justice Academy series (every Wednesday in October), including this afternoon's 3 PM webinar on "Food and nutrition challenges, resources, and opportunities for immigrant families in Massachusetts during the COVID-19 crisis."  
Today's webinar is jointly presented by HCFA, MLRI and Children's HealthWatch. Register below.

The public health emergency which Sec Azar first announced in January, 2020 is up for renewal every 90 days. On Oct 2 he renewed the emergency declaration for another 90 days from Oct 23.