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Blog Archive for March 2020

COVID-19 Policy Changes: 2d Chance to Enroll through Connector in 2020

Greetings Everyone,

April 2 BBT on Immigrants & Public Benefits Postponed

Mass. Continuing Legal Education (MCLE), the host for our Basic Benefit Training series has postponed live programs from now until the end of April.  This means MLRI's April 2 training on Immigrants & Public Benefits  is postponed.

COVID-19 update 3/12: DTA info to know, federal bills/landscape

Updates for today (so far) on the federal and state level. We will continue to update the Coalition as we get relevant information. 
Federal nutrition programs & COVID-19 - Bills filed by McGovern and others - call your Rep!
A number of bills were introduced this week, intended to expand federal nutrition benefits to cushion the impact of coronavirus (see links for bill names/more info):

COVID-19: Action items re SNAP, MCLE trainings postponed

As we get more information about nutrition programs and plans related to coronavirus, we will share. Many things are in flux at the moment - but the important action items as of today are below! We share your deep concern about what this all means for folks struggling to put food on the table (nevermind stock up for the future). Thank you for all your work.

3/12 @ 3 pm - FRAC Conference Call: Preparing for Coronavirus

See below information about a call this Thursday hosted by FRAC.
We know this is a time full of uncertainty, and we are all concerned about how to ensure low-income households can put food on the table in the event that schools are closed, work is restricted, etc. We encourage you to listen in on Thursday for the most up to date information and for recommendations of what you can be thinking about on a local level. 

Public Charge SNAP fliers translated, 4/2 benefits & immigrants training, HIP update

SNAP & Public Charge fliers updated in Spanish, Portuguese, Haitian Creole 

Update on Subsidized Childcare Access MA Families; Updated Materials on Trump Admin SNAP Cuts

Another reminder of the upcoming Income Maximization Training at MCLE in Boston on March 4th!  Register HERE.  In addition, we want to share with you some important information about subsidized child care. 

2020 FPLs & Public Charge Viewing

MassHealth updates its income standards on March 1, 2020 --MLRI's updated income table & MassHealth' s updated FPL Desk Guide are  posted here: