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7/31 - National Webinar on USDA's attempt to cut SNAP for 3.1 million people

See here for information about a webinar this Wednesday, 7/31 at 1PM on USDA's proposed rule that could cut SNAP for 90,000 people in Massachusetts. 

Alert re. Cape Cod tornadoes and replacement SNAP benefits, stay tuned on opposing SNAP cuts!

SNAP replacement benefits for food lost due to power outages 

NOON deadline to sign on to "SNAP Gap" FY20 budget letter to Gov Baker; Trump Admin starts new assault on SNAP, anticipates 3.1M to lose SNAP!

Thanks to all who were able to attend the SNAP Coalition meeting yesterday, celebrate the FY20 Budget wins in SNAP Gap and HIP.  And special thanks to Ellen Vollinger of FRAC who gave folks an update from the front lines on federal legislation and the just proposed Trump Admin SNAP rules that would cut 3M low-income households off of SNAP.

We have some ACTION STEPS for you this AM.  

Org sign-on letter to Gov Baker re SNAP Gap in FY20 Final Budget - DEADLINE Wednesday NOON! & sample TY social media tweets

Thanks again for your work in getting $1M included in the House and Senate Budget for FY 2020 to close the SNAP Gap in MA! And we are delighted also report that the SNAP Gap/Common App legislation, H. 1173 and S. 678 were reported favorably out of Heath Care Finance Committee and now with Ways and Means!  The Governor has 10 days to sign or veto sections of the budget. 

VICTORY on SNAP Gap and HIP in FY20 Budget !! SNAP Coalition Boston Agenda, July 23rd

Organizational sign on letter for Community College Hunger Pilot Program; Powerful video series re SNAP & The 3-Month Time Limit and Lessons Learned from Maine

Thanks to all of you who were able to attend the public hearing at the State House in support of Lift the Kids campaign, and the great testimony on the legislation addressing cliff effects, creating a diaper bank and other important legislation.  The State House was jam packed with anti-poverty advocates.  THANK YOU!  We are writing on three items:

Federal threats to SNAP eligibility rules (BBCE); MA community college anti-hunger bill

We are writing to give you a heads up about some nasty rules that USDA may be proposing in the near future, an update on pending college student legislation and some revisions to our online SNAP Calculator.
1.  Trump Administration may soon issue harmful SNAP rules for public comment:

Claiming Medical Expenses, College Student Hunger, Voter Registration – Resources for Your Advocacy and Upcoming BBT Sessions!

TO:  Food SNAP Coalition

FR:  Pat Baker, Vicky Negus

RE:  SNAP & Medical Expenses, Student Hunger, Voter Registration – Resources for Your Advocacy

Hope you all had a fantastic July 4th break.  We are writing with a couple of updates and resources for your summer advocacy work:

Fwd: #KeepFamiliesTogether - 7,700+ Comments | Day of Action Webinar | Senate Bill to Block HUD Rule

Hi All --Happy week of July 4!