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Helping Seniors and Persons with Disabilities Use (not Lose) their SNAP Benefits: Tips for Helping Strugging to Use SNAP and avoid "Expungement" 

Some SNAP elders and persons with disabilities struggle to use their SNAP benefits because they lost the card, forgot the PIN, need a ride to the grocer store, need someone to shop for them. As a result, the SNAP EBT benefits may add up on the EBT card each month but not get used.  This is often a signal the SNAP recipient needs help!

Attached are TIPS for how to assist SNAP recipients use their benefits.  

Many of you may have received email alerts and seen news reports about hundreds of thousands of people at risk of having their insurance terminated and even having to repay premium tax credits. "Administration has closed approximately 450,000 citizenship and immigration status data matching cases and another 210,000 are in progress; warns remaining consumers to respond quickly or their Marketplace coverage could end.

This is very good news in the on-going health reform saga!

Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Press Release

Contact: Kim Haberlin – 617-470-9686
Claire Cooper – 617-921-6870
Decision means Massachusetts will remain a State-based Marketplace, FFM no longer needed as a contingency plan

On August 1st, USDA announced implementation the upcoming cost of living adjustment (COLA) for SNAP benefits -  effective October 1st (start of federal fiscal year 2015)  You can find the USDA memo and table of increases at the following link:
Here are the highlights:

1. This year's Basic Benefits Training Series will kick off on Thursday, October 16, 2014 with a session on Assisting Families Experiencing Homelessness. Find the full schedule for all 11 trainings on MassLegalServices, or see the attached flyer.

The distressing news story from the Atlantic Journal-Constitution below, flagged by the Food Research Action Center, comes out of the state of Georgia. We would very much like to know if you are hearing of similar store check out experiences in Massachusetts for either SNAP or WIC participants.

We didn't get the CMSP bill passed during the marathon session that closed out the regular legislative cycle, but we've been told that there's still a good chance of passing the bill through an informal session.  Please continue to put pressure on the legislature to enact SB 2320.
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