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Just one year ago, thousands of Massachusetts households lost their homes and food due to the June 1, 2011 tornados in Central and Western Massachusetts. This tragedy was then followed by two other severe weather events causing flooding and wide spread power outages over Labor Day weekend and late October 2011. And every day, low income households in Massachusetts suffer individual fires, floods, power outages, utility shutoffs and/or appliance malfunction.

The timely video webcast below. moderated by Jason DeParle of the NYT, will likely provide excellent talking points for defending SNAP in the months ahead, especially during the upcoming Farm Bill deliberations. 


Event Invitation from the Urban Institute

We expect Senate budget debate to begin tomorrow (Wednesday 5/23).


Amendment #605 MassHealth Adult Dental (Sen. Chandler)
Increases the MassHealth budget and includes language to for the partial restoration of some dental procedures, including most fillings.

Amendment #615 MassHealth Outreach Grants (Sen. DiDomenico)
Funds the MassHealth Outreach Grants at $2.5 million.

This is a reminder of our Coalition meeting tomorrow, May 22nd at St Francis House, 10 to Noon. 

The National Voter Registration Act requires DTA to allow SNAP and cash assistance recipients to register to vote at DTA offices or by mail.  DTA field guidance on voter registration protocol is contained in the following DTA Operations Memo: However, merely issuing guidance is not sufficient if the local offices are not following required protocol.  

The next Food SNAP Improvement Coalition Meeting is this coming Tuesday, May 22nd from 10 to Noon. The meeting, as always, is at St Francis House, 39 Boylston Street, (6th Floor), Boston. 

The AGENDA will include:
*  Federal Farm Bill deliberations; status and discussion of possible impact of SNAP cuts to Massachusetts
*  State FY2012 budget debate: status of funding for state nutrition programs, DTA SNAP staffing, proposed EBT restrictions, trafficking penalties; amendments filed on Senate Ways and Means budget

Here is a link to the MLRI preliminary analysis of yesterday's Senate Ways and Means Committee report. /content/summary-and-analysis-fy-13-senate-ways-and-means-budget-proposal


Yesterday, May 16, 2012, the Senate Committee on Ways and Means (SW&M) released its budget proposal for fiscal year 2013 (FY 13). This budget proposal follows the Governor’s budget proposal released in January, which is referred to as "House 2", and the House budget proposal which was debated and finalized in April. The SW&M proposal will be debated by the full Senate next week. Amendments to various provisions will be filed this week.
URGENT URGENT.  Please contact Senators Kerry and Brown TODAY!  Please let the BOTH know you oppose the extreme budget cuts voted on by the House.  Below is information from the Coalition on Human Needs with links to background information if you need more.  This is just a QUICK CALL or QUICK EMAIL !  Both need to hear from you !
To reach Senator John Kerry:
Or call (202) 224-2742 in DC, or (617) 565-8519 in Boston
Saturday's Boston Globe included a powerful story highlighting the food struggles of low income students in community colleges, but also the new collaboration of staff at Bunker Hill Community College and the Greater Boston Food Bank to reach students with both emergency food and applications for SNAP benefits. Kudos to BHCC, GBFB and SingleStop USA for this very important work ! Please tell your family and friends, now is NOT the time for Congress to cut SNAP benefits to low income households!