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Blog Archive for January 2012

At the recent Coalition meeting we discussed some SNAP application verifications. Members reported at the meeting, and in emails to MLRI, that "verification checklists" sometimes asking the SNAP applicants for documents that are not required at all, where the information can be self-declared, or where the SNAP worker verify the information directly though government sources.  And, yes, we also see verification checklists (a.k.a. VC-1) asking clients for documents previously faxed or mailed (an ongoing problem that still needs close monitoring).

You may recently have seen or heard about a DTA policy memo instructing staff to close benefits of SNAP households that have a long pattern (more than 90 days) of use of their EBT card for out-of-state food purchases and cannot verify their MA residence. Here's a link to the recent DTA Operations Memo 2011-60, available on MLS: 

We've received a number of inquiries about how to calculate SNAP benefits for households that contain a foster child or person who is being cared for under the Adult Foster Care program.**  There are special federal and state SNAP rules that allow households to EXCLUDE the foster child or foster adult from the SNAP household and, in doing so, receive HIGHER SNAP benefits for the remaining household members.  Here's the skinny.

I.  SNAP and Families Caring for Foster Children: