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FoodSNAP's Blog Archive for May 2020

The latest information on SNAP/ Food Stamp advocacy in Massachusetts.

EBT card updates, register for trainings, fuel assistance

Wed, 05/27/2020 - 11:10am -- FoodSNAP
Thanks to everyone who called in to yesterday's Coalition meeting after the long weekend! At this point, we will be moving to bi-weekly SNAP Coalition Zoom calls. The next SNAP Coalition Zoom will be on June 9 from 10-11:30. In between Coalition calls, we share critical updates we receive from DTA or national partners by email! Please don't hesitate to reach out between calls with questions or issues. 
EBT card issuance changes at DTA = faster service

SNAP Gap Victory in MA IT Bond Bill today! Update on EBT online purchasing pilot

Wed, 05/20/2020 - 6:46pm -- FoodSNAP

We continue to be amazed by the huge amount of important work the SNAP Coalition members are doing throughout the state to support low income families access to food – schools, food pantries, food banks, community organizations, health care workers. THANK YOU!  

SNAP Gap Victory - in the House IT Bond Bill!


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