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FoodSNAP's Blog Archive for January 2019

The latest information on SNAP/ Food Stamp advocacy in Massachusetts.

SNAP, the shutdown "suspension," and what we know about February and beyond
As you know, the shutdown is temporarily suspended - which is temporary good news til we see what happens Feb 15th. Even with the advanced SNAP benefits, the shutdown has wreaked havoc on the lives of low-income SNAP recipients.

Below is a list of five (5) nutrition-focused bills for which we urge your support.  Each bill includes the House Docket (HD) and Senate Docket (SD) numbers for reference.  Eventually these will get official “bill numbers” by the House and Senate Clerks.  The deadline for co-sponsorship is Friday, February 1st

ACTION STEPS: Please contact your State Reps and Senators this week and early next to ask them to co-sponsor these bills for the 2019/2020 Legislation Session.  Below is a brief description with more fact sheets to follow.

A few updates on SNAP & the shutdown...

This is a reminder of the SNAP Coalition Meeting in Boston on Tuesday, Jan 22nd from 10-Noon at St Francis House, 6th Floor.  Below are updates on the federal shutdown and Action Steps.   We are also including some updated resources for your SNAP and TAFDC advocacy and info on an upcoming Tenants Rights event.

Jan 22 Coalition AGENDA:

Today's updates:

1. DTA making robocalls to households getting their February SNAP early 

Additional information to supplement yesterday's post.
Updated information from DTA:
This email includes important updates on the federal government shutdown and the impact on SNAP. We want to reiterate that SNAP households should not panic! 
We know many organizations and SNAP households are very worried about the impact of the federal government shutdown on SNAP for February. Our main message at this point is: Don't panic, and stay tuned!
We know you are all very worried about the mounting problems surrounding the Federal Government shutdown.  We've gotten quite a few emails and calls about this.