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FoodSNAP's Blog Archive for January 2015

The latest information on SNAP/ Food Stamp advocacy in Massachusetts.
This is a brief reminder that we will proceed with the January SNAP Coalition meeting tomorrow, January 30th, 10 AM to Noon at St Francis House, 5th floor
Rescheduled SNAP Coalition meeting:
We have MOVED the SNAP Coalition meeting to this Friday, January 30th from 10 AM to Noon.  We have space at St Francis House, 5th floor (FIFTH) for the meeting.  DTA Acting Commissioner Thomas Massimo has confirmed he is available to attend for the first part of the meeting.  See AGENDA below. 
Replacement SNAP benefits due to storm?  
We want to be sure you and your clients should know about possible three food options iin the event of storm-reltaed power outages, flooding or even small scale fires, utility shut offs and other household misfortunes.
Date: Fri, Jan 23, 2015 at 1:13 PM
MLRI is pleased to be collaborating with the Healthy Food, Healthy Homes, Healthy Children (HHH) Coalition - a broad-based Coalition coordinated by Health Care for All. The HHH Coalition is working on legislation to address a range of concerns affecting low income children.  
Happy New Year! We are writing to inform you of some important upcoming events for January and February 2015, below.