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Trump Officials, After Rejecting Obama Medicare Model, Adopt One Like It

Medicare -- New York Times - Wed, 01/10/2018 - 7:02pm
The Trump administration has unveiled a Medicare program that closely resembles the Obama-era efforts to change the way doctors and hospitals are paid.
Categories: Elder, Medicare

Trump Likes Drug Price Negotiations; His Nominee for Health Secretary Doesn’t

Medicare -- New York Times - Tue, 01/09/2018 - 6:38pm
Alex M. Azar II, President Trump’s nominee for health secretary, told senators that he was wary of proposals for Medicare to negotiate drug prices.
Categories: Elder, Medicare

Diabetes Shouldn’t Bankrupt You

Medicare -- New York Times - Sat, 01/06/2018 - 2:30pm
Congress long ago allowed people with end-stage kidney failure to receive Medicare. Why not do the same for people with other chronic illnesses?
Categories: Elder, Medicare

The Case for More Medicare

Medicare -- New York Times - Fri, 01/05/2018 - 8:32am
A health care strategy for Democrats.
Categories: Elder, Medicare

Trump Administration Eases Nursing Home Fines in Victory for Industry

Medicare -- New York Times - Tue, 12/26/2017 - 11:49am
Medicare is discouraging the use of penalties for what it considers “one-time mistakes” and in other circumstances. The changes come in response to industry pressure.
Categories: Elder, Medicare

A Better Kind of Nursing Home

Medicare -- New York Times - Fri, 12/22/2017 - 5:19am
At Green Houses, residents have more independence and facilities are less institutional — a big improvement over most nursing homes, new research finds.
Categories: Elder, Medicare

Susan Collins and the Duping of Centrists

Medicare -- New York Times - Sun, 12/10/2017 - 9:25pm
And your health care may suffer for it.
Categories: Elder, Medicare

Taxes and the Safety Net

Medicare -- New York Times - Sun, 12/10/2017 - 4:04pm
The Center for Medicare Advocacy writes that Congress is gutting the safety net to pay for tax cuts.
Categories: Elder, Medicare

Heading Toward Tax Victory, Republicans Eye Next Step: Cut Spending

Medicare -- New York Times - Sat, 12/02/2017 - 2:18pm
With Republicans’ new ambitions, the bill heading toward completion is not just a tax cut, but the first step toward a long-held vision to undo the New Deal and Great Society.
Categories: Elder, Medicare

Republicans May Target Entitlement Programs to Reduce Deficit

Medicare -- New York Times - Wed, 11/15/2017 - 5:00am
The possibility appeared more likely after the Congressional Budget Office warned that the tax bill could set off a rule that would make cuts to Medicare over the next decade.
Categories: Elder, Medicare

Trump Health Agency Challenges Consensus on Reducing Costs

Medicare -- New York Times - Sun, 11/12/2017 - 5:20pm
The Obama administration sped up programs aiming to pay doctors based on quality instead of quantity. The Trump administration is slowing them down.
Categories: Elder, Medicare

How a Republican Idea for Reducing Medicare Costs Could Affect You

Medicare -- New York Times - Mon, 10/30/2017 - 6:30am
It’s called premium support, but it could mean higher premiums for some, and fewer people in the traditional Medicare program.
Categories: Elder, Medicare

A Mirror of Today’s Political Fray in Letters From 50 Years Ago

Medicare -- New York Times - Sun, 10/29/2017 - 5:42pm
When constituents wrote to a senator from Tennessee in the 1960s about issues like health care, immigration and racial tensions, they often made the same arguments heard in 2017 — sometimes in the very same phrases.
Categories: Elder, Medicare

The Unhealthy Politics of Pork: How It Increases Your Medical Costs

Medicare -- New York Times - Wed, 10/25/2017 - 6:32am
A study shows how lobbying and political dynamics can change congressional and hospital behavior — and raise costs.
Categories: Elder, Medicare

Why Are Hearing Aids So Expensive?

Medicare -- New York Times - Fri, 10/20/2017 - 7:00am
Experts don’t know exactly why hearing aids are still so costly, but under a new law, the cost should soon be coming down.
Categories: Elder, Medicare

For the Senate’s Budget Blueprint, It’s Better Late Than Never

Medicare -- New York Times - Thu, 10/19/2017 - 3:22pm
The Senate’s budget blueprint, while ostensibly an outline of federal spending and revenues, would allow a tax bill to be approved with only Republican votes.
Categories: Elder, Medicare

Replacing Faulty Heart Devices Costs Medicare $1.5 Billion in 10 Years

Medicare -- New York Times - Mon, 10/02/2017 - 1:01am
A new report says seven types of defective pacemakers or defibrillators had to be replaced from 2005 through 2014.
Categories: Elder, Medicare

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