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MassHealth Advocacy Guide -- 2012

Vicky Pulos, MLRI

The 2012 MassHealth Advocacy Guide, An Advocate's Guide to the Massachusetts Medicaid Program.  Includes an overview of the MassHealth program, eligibility criteria, covered services, premiums, and appeal rights. IMPORTANT UPDATE: Many changes in MassHealth and other subsidized coverage rules took effect Jan. 1, 2014. Unfortunately, implementation of many of the Jan. 1, 2014 rule changes have been delayed by the failure of the new eligiblity & enrollment system. The "workarounds" to address the system failures are changing with great frequency. For this reason the 2012 Guide should be used with caution.  It can still be a useful tool to help you identify citations to relevant regulations, but you cannot rely on the Guide's summary of the regulation.  In addition to looking up the current text of the regulation, look at the Health Reform section for summaries of the Jan 2014 rules and visit the following website for updates on the current status of the "workarounds":

Dowload the following PDFs for free:

You can also download a PDF of the entire volume; note that this is a very large file, and may take several minutes to download.

A hard copy of the Guide can be ordered from MCLE; the Guide currently costs $9.95.

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