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EDSAP: Major & exciting DTA change for older adults and persons with disabilities!

Exciting News! DTA has started implementing the Elderly and Disabled Simplified Application Project- EDSAP! We know this sounds like alphabet soup - but EDSAP is one of the most exciting things to happen to SNAP in Massachusetts in years.   
What does EDSAP mean?
EDSAP is a simpler way for a certain group of households to keep their SNAP. The EDSAP group is households where everyone is an older adult (60+) or a person with a disability (including households with kids under 18) -- AND where no one in the household has earnings from a job. 
Why is EDSAP a really big deal?
Most SNAP households have to do paperwork every 6 months to keep their SNAP - this paperwork is called an Interim Report, and it is required under Simplified Reporting rules. For more on Simplified Reporting for households who are not on EDSAP, see MLRI's SNAP Advocacy Guide (stay tuned for 2019 updates to the Guide). EDSAP households do NOT have to do the Interim Report! 
Simply put, EDSAP households can stay on SNAP for 3 years without having to do paperwork -- UNLESS they start making money from a job, or someone moves in or out of their household. If they start making money or someone joins or leaves their household, they have to tell DTA! See attached. 
This makes it much easier for eligible clients to keep SNAP, and makes much less work for DTA.
Where can I learn more?
Attached is an MLRI fact sheet with more information about EDSAP and the reporting rules, along with information about how cases are being moved into EDSAP. It includes a copy of the notice DTA mailed to about 87,000 households on December 17 (Monday) telling them their case was moved to EDSAP - this is almost 20% of the entire SNAP caseload in Massachusetts. 
If you or your clients have any questions, please call or email us. We are THRILLED about this change! It is truly a gift for the holidays, and a game changer for SNAP in Massachusetts. Many thanks to DTA for working tirelessly behind the scenes for many months to make this happen. 
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