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Health Care

Health Care

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Welcome to the Health Care Practice Area section. Here you will find information about a variety of health care programs for low income, elderly and disabled people. The most extensive information is about the Massachusetts Medicaid program (MassHealth) including fair hearing decisions, court decisions, practice memos, advocacy alerts and links to useful websites.

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See the MassHealth website for regulations and subregulatory materials such as operations memoranda and desk guides.

Latest Content

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11/03/2015 - Connector
The Connector has updated flyers and other informational materials about ConnectorCare for 2016 coverage.   Follow the link to... Read more
08/29/2015 - Vicky Pulos
This memo summarizes the circumstances in which the new eligibility and enrollment system will not be able to make an accurate... Read more
10/22/2015 - Vicky Pulos, MLRI
This  memo summarizes the current immigrant eligibility rules applicable to pregnant women, children, young adults, and other adults... Read more