Legal Resource Finder - Find Legal Aid

Do you need help with a legal problem in Massachusetts?

The Legal Resource Finder will give you contact information for legal aid programs, other non profits, government agencies and court based programs that may be able to help you with your legal issue. It will also give you links to legal information and self-help materials.

This short video explains how to use the LRF.

To use the Legal Resource Finder, enter your town or zip code, age if 60 or older, your income and choose one of the topics from the list below. Then click "search."

  • Why do we ask for income?   Some, but not all, referrals have income limits. If you do not know your exact monthly income, use your best guess. You will get links to legal information and self-help materials no matter what.
  • Use this list of lawyer referral services if you need help with
    • a criminal law, personal injury, worker's compensation case, or
    • if you want to hire a lawyer.
  • Need to search by your location only?   Use the location search -- this will only give information about a limited number of legal services programs, it doesn't include links to legal information or other sources of help.  Use the Legal Resource Finder if possible.
Enter either your city or your 5 digit zip code. If you are homeless, use your most recent city or zip code. You can also look up your zip code.
Generally, your household includes you, your spouse, and your children under age 18. If you live with other adults, include them if you are supporting them or if they are supporting you or your children. Income includes earnings and cash benefits of household members. It does not include SNAP/Food Stamps.