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SNAP/ Food Stamps Application Forms


DTA has copies of its SNAP/ Food Stamps application on the DTA website in several languages:

There is also a "simplified" SNAP/ Food Stamps application that can be used by applicants age 60 and older who live alone, live with a spouse, or live with others but buy and prepare most food separately.:

Paper applications can be faxed or mailed to a local DTA office, or you can apply at the office in person. 

Alternatively, you can submit a SNAP/ Food Stamps application online through the Virtual Gateway. Applying online means that your application will not get lost in the mail or misplaced in a busy DTA office; the application information that is entered electronically through the Virtual Gateway does not need to be re-typed in by a DTA SNAP worker and the FS/SNAP application is recorded in the BEACON system in a timely way.

Community advocates can help clients fill out the online SNAP/ Food Stamps application even without having a provider number.  However, the Virtual Gateway is currently only in English. You can still assist a non-English speaking client through this Gateway application and/or file minimal information through the Virtual Gateway and send on to DTA a copy of the completed paper application with the other verifications. Filing through the Virtual Gateway will ensure the application is coded the date received (be sure to write on the paper application that an online application through the Virtual Gateway was filed as well).