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Know Your CORI Rights: Criminal Record Information (CORI) Sealing and CORI Reform

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This guide provides questions and answers about CORI including:

  • what is CORI and how to get your CORI report
  • sealing records
  • juvenile records
  • immigrants and CORI sealing
  • CORI self audits
  • after your records are sealed
  • use of sealed records in later court cases
  • employment discrimination
  • federal jobs and the FBI
  • private background checks
  • expungement and correcting CORI mistakes
  • sealing cases in federal court or other states
  • tax credits
  • Boston and other CORI hiring ordinances 

It also includes two appendices:  CORI resources for low income people and relevant forms.

This information relates to Massachusetts state court criminal records and Massachusetts law in effect on March 12, 2013. It has been updated in August 2014 to reflect  the SJC ruling in Commonwealth v. Pon  (August 15, 2014) which lowered the burden for sealing of records.  New text added on sealing of CWOF's and use of sealed criminal records in court at a sealing hearing after a record is sealed.

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