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CORI Project Training Manual


CORI training manual (in two parts) developed by Greater Boston Legal Services.

Part I:

  • Introduction
    • Who's Behind Bars, excerpt from ONE IN 100: BEHIND BARS IN AMERICA 2008
  • DCJIS and Reading a CORI
    • DCJIS Unit Overview
    • How to REad a Criminal REcord
    • What New CORI looks like
    • Disposition COdes
    • Status Codes
    • Court Codes, Addresses and Phone Numbers of Courts
  • Sealing Criminal Records and Juvenile Records
    • Administrative Process: How to Seal Massachusetts Convictions and Other Criminal Cases Under Chapter 276, Section 100A
      • Juvenile Records and Sealing
      • Sample Peition to Seal Adult and Juvenile Records (By mail)
  • The Court Sealing Process
    • How to Seal Cases in Court if the Charge Ended in a Dismissal, Nolle Prosequi, or a Not Guilty Finding and/or a First Time Drug Possession Offense
      • Sample Petition (to file in court)
      • Sample Motion
      • Sample Affidavits
      • Sample Proposed Order
  • Sample CORI Reply After All Records Sealed
  • Sample FBI Reply (No past record)
  • CORI Self Audit Request Form
  • Sample Reply to CORI Self Audit REquest
  • Boston Municipal Court Standing Order 1-09 (Revised 2014)
  • District Court Chief's Memorandum on CORI Changes (2012)
    • District Court Motion
    • Sample Petition (to seal by mail)
    • Sample Petition (to file in Court)
  • Summaries of Recent Changes in the Law
    • DCJIS Summary:  CORI Reform Update (2010)
    • Commonwealth v. Pon, Criminal Record Sealing Alert for Advocactes: SJC Lowers Legal Standard for Sealing (2014)
  • CORI Statutes
    • Chapter 6, § 178G (non-sealable sex offender cases)
    • Chapter 94C, § 34 (first time drug possession conviction)
    • Chapter 94C, § 44 (not guilty, nolle prosequi, and dismissed section 34 cases)
    • Chapter 276, § 100A (conviction and aged out case sealing)
    • Chapter 276, § 100B (Juvenile sealing)
    • Chapter 276, § 1000C (non-conviction sealing)
    • Chapter 276, § 100D (Criminal justice agency access to CORI)
    • Chapter 6, § 167 (Criminal justice agency defined)

Part II:

  • Non-Sealable Offenses
    • Chapter 268 (Offenses Against Public Justice)
    • Chapter 140, SECTION 121-131H (Firearms)
    • Chapter 268A (State Ethics Act)
  • Cases 
    • Globe Newspaper v. Pokaski, 868 F.2d 497 (1st Cir. 1989) 
    • Commonwealth v. Doe, 420 Mass. 142, 149 (1995)
    • Commonwealth v. Pon, 469 Mass. 296 (1995)
  • Governor's Executive Order No. 495
  • Blank Forms (Court related froms will be changing to conform with Pon.  
    • Personal Massachusetts CORI Request Form (Pro se)
    • Advocate's Authorization to Seek Massachusetts CORI 
    • Affidavit of Indigency 
    • Juvenile Record Request Form
    • Petition to Seal (Mail-in Process) 
    • Petition to Court to Seal Record (Triplicate originals available at court)
    • Boston Municipal Court Petition to Seal Record
    • District Court Motion to Seal 
    • GBLS Pro Se Check-Off Affidavit

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