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How to Troubleshoot and Fix Erroneously Closed SNAP Cases

The attached documents give you detailed information about steps you can take to get your SNAP benefits back on. This may help you if your case was closed because of DTA failure to review documents sent in or failure to act on an application or recertification. 

Information includes:

  • How to get a live person on the DTA's Assistance Line
  • How to find out information on your case and see copies of notices
  • How to reach a local office director or the DTA Ombudsman
  • Forms to fill out for DTA to get verifications for you
  • When to call the USDA New England office
  • Calling your Massachusetts Senator or Representative
  • When to file a new application
  • Appealing a denial or termination

How can I quickly see DTA case information on a smart phone?

DTA now has a mobile app called DTA Connect where clients can see a range of case information by logging in with their SSN and year of birth. For more informatiom click here: Mass Legal Services DTA Connect information 

The following documents are attached:

  • Updated TIPS packet including how to get case problems fixed, attachments and what to look out for (note: click here for an updated DTA office contact list) 
  • Powerpoint from June 2015 SNAP Triage Training, following April 2015 Triage training co hosted by MLRI and GBFB, and sponsored by MAZON.

See also advocacy letters sent to the Baker Administration and USDA about the SNAP crisis in early 2015 when the SNAP caseload was dropping rapidly.


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