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United Kingdom: Measures to Implement MARPOL Convention Annex VI, Chapter 4

Law Library of Congress: Research Reports - Wed, 06/17/2015 - 10:00am
The Law Library of Congress is proud to present a new report, United Kingdom: Measures to Implement MARPOL Convention Annex VI, Chapter 4.

The UK is currently implementing Annex VI, Chapter 4, of the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships. It has amended the Merchant Shipping Act to allow an Order in Council to be made to bring in regulations, but does not yet appear to have yet promulgated any. The European Union (EU) has also been actively working to curb emissions from ships, issuing Directives that Member States must implement and requiring new ships to be built according to newly issued energy efficiency standards. The UK government has met with industry stakeholders and EU representatives to explore ways to ensure compliance with the new regulations with minimal cost and regulation, secure EU financing to mitigate the significant investment costs for shipowners and ports, and guarantee fair and consistent enforcement of these regulations throughout the EU so that UK ports are not unfairly disadvantaged.

Visit to read the entire report.

This report is one of many prepared by the Law Library of Congress available at The Law Library of Congress produces reports for members of Congress and others. Learn more at Throughout this week there will be highlights of recent and newly published reports. Follow along and share your favorites using the hashtag #LawLibraryReport.
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