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DTA Local Office Contact Information, Client Assistance Coordinators and DOH Liasons


DTA Local Office Contacts

This directory includes address, phone, and fax information, as well as the names of the directors and assistant directors of each local office.  Note that this is only current as of  December 7, 2016. There may have been changes since that time.

To contact a director by email, use the following format:

In addition, the contact information for the DTA ombudsman (Sara Craven)  is or call 617-348-5354.

DTA Local Office Information

Attached is a list of which cities/towns are covered by which local DTA office. DTA also has information about local office contact information on DTA online. Reminder: for SNAP only cases, there is NO requirement to go in person to a local DTA office. For more information about contacting DTA, go to

DTA Client Assistance Coordinators

There are 1-2 CACs in each DTA office.  CACs are in place to serve as a resource to DTA clients with disabilities and to help clients have meaningful access to DTA’s benefits and services.  CACs also serve as a resource to DTA staff on disability issues. The list attached below was current as of January 30, 2017.

If you are unable to reach a CAC for a given office, try calling the office’s main number to see if a back-up is in place.  If not, or if you can’t get through, contact Kate Brown, who is the Director of Disability Access at DTA Central; Kate oversees the CACs.  (Kate’s contact info is:, (617) 357-3903.)

Division of Hearings Liasons

DTA has staff who are liaisons for the Division of Hearings to implement appeal decisions.  The attached list was current as of March 1, 2017.

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